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Hello! I'm Yujia 👋 

Welcome to my portfolio!

Currently, I am a 1st-year Ms-HCI student at the University of Michigan.

I'm a curious individual, an attentive observer, and a self-motivated designer.

Enjoy browsing my passion projects, and get in touch with any questions.

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​Explore my experimental projects that envision future lifestyle and system. 

healthloop cover_edited.jpg


HealthLoop aims to reduce healthcare disparities for elderly Chinese with chronic illnesses in rural areas by offering a virtual diagnosis platform through telemedicine

City Sensor

City Sensor

The City Sensor project offers highly sensitive individuals an interactive space to avoid urban light and sound pollution and connect with their community

Driverhud Cover

Aqua Vision

AquaVision is an augmented reality diver HUD designed to augment the work of scientific divers by providing enhanced visuals and data during underwater exploration.

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